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Teens and Trains

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Teen hands.For Teens,Toy Trains Are More than Toys!

Yes, no matter how you look at it, the toy train hobby provides opportunities to learn about how things work, pick up building skills, and have fun with others.

The following will give you some great leads to enjoying them.


Scout Railroading Badge 
If you're in the Boy Scouts, you can go for this badge that includes real and toy trains! (Availability may be limited, ask your troop leader.)




Computers and Toy Train Games
You can use modern computer technology to operate toy trains, do simulations and games, and enjoy computer graphics. Here's one listing of many of these.

Model building - International Toy Train Sites
It takes skill and a steady hand to actually create models of real trains. We have links to many manufacturers and publications that will tell you all about it.

Links to Toy Train Websites - US and International
We have assembled a number of links to major toy train organizations and information sources, and even international train organizations. See the list here.

This popular product line allows you to create trains on-screen, and to order them too. Trains can be assembled from parts that click together -- airports, cars, houses, and more, too! 

This product uses plastic parts to assemble bridges, simple machines, gears, levers and inclined planes, which are all elements of railroads.

Layout design and construction, Collecting, Repairing and restoring
You can get into building layouts with trackside scenery and buildings. Working together with friends is great too. Collecting toy trains, fixing them up, maintaining them, all requires skills that can be used for other jobs too. For information about getting started, go here.

Buying Trains
Great new model trains can be purchased from leading manufacturers, such as the new Amtrak Acela train from Lionel. Check out other firms making fine toy trains.

Join a Model Railroad Club
The Train Collectors Association has local chapters all over. Contact one for information about local meetings and events. 

Here's some interesting information on railroads:

History of Railroads from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Lots of background information including current railroading.

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