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The Train Collectors Association is one of the world's largest and most prestigious collecting societies.

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TCA Convention Cars Available to the Public

Convention cars.

For a number of years, the Train Collectors Association has produced special toy train cars that it has sold only to its members. These are called convention cars, because they reflect the geographic area in which each year's national convention is held. TCA has divisions across the United States and many members abroad!

Carefully designed in conjunction with key manufacturers, the cars are produced in very limited quantities based on orders received by a set cutoff date, typically the end of October of the year preceding the next convention that they commemorate. When orders are received, TCA requests a production run, and no more are ever produced, adding to their rarity and value to collectors. For an overview of the history and regard of TCA's convenion cars, go here.

For a limited time, TCA is now making select convention cars available for all to add to their collections. You don't have to be a member! Ordering cutoff for these is October 31, 2017, with delivery anticipated mid summer 2018.

Free shipping within the United States. Orders accepted online only:

Now! Convention Cars Available to Non-Members in Our Museum Store!

Because of the special production lead time, these cars are not in stock for immediate delivery, and it is common for delivery to take place in mid-Summer following the previous fall's order cutoff. Thus, while your order is charged when you place it in 2017, the 2018 Convention Cars may not be delivered until around July 2018, depending on production and delivery from the plants. If you are seeking immediate delivery, please do not order these!

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