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Museum - in and out.Exhibits

The National Toy Train Museum recreates a family "train room," but on a larger scale. The building resembles a Victorian Era California railroad station, but is located in the fertile Pennsylvania Dutch farm country of Lancaster County, PA, near several other major railroad visitor venues.

It contains one of the most extensive toy train collections in the world. Trains that children pushed, pulled or rode upon are included. The collection also includes miniature trains that are accurate replicas of their full sized counterparts. The Museum exhibits trains from the mid-1800s through the present day.

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Every visitor has the opportunity to help operate our five train layouts by simply pushing buttons. Each large layout is a different gauge and represents a different period of the 20th Century. Every layout boasts an interesting array of period accessories and extensive scenery. They allow even the youngest visitors to have an excellent view of the action.

Train videos run continuously on a large screen television system.

Unique locomotives. Special exhibits present unusual arrangements of vintage trains, many the only of their kind.

We portray toy trains arranged by themes, such as old and rare historical ones, or by track gauges, many as they might be in actual use in someone's own layout. Such layouts are large and quite complex, requiring dedicated care and maintenance.

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