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Individual Car and Train Photos

With literally thousands of toy train cars to pick from, old or new, steam or diesel or electric, large or small scale, metal or plastic, you simply have to see them in person to appreciate the magnitude of the collection, but here are just a few samples. (Exhibits subject to change.)

  • Eightlg
    Reproduction of 1923 Lionel Dealer Display Layout
  • Elevenlg
    Turn of the 20th Century electric trains. #200 Lionel Electric Express Powered Gondola in 2 7/8 Gauge, 1902; Carlisle & Finch Mining Train, 1899-1915.
  • Fifteenlg
    Toy Trains Operating on the Standard Gauge Layout at the National Toy Train Museum
  • Fivelg
    Lionel's version of NYC's S-1 loco. Lionel #1912 NYC S-2 style Electric Locomotive in Standard Gauge, ca.1912.
  • Fourlg
    A 1934 Lionel Jr. passenger set. Lionel Junior Set: 1681E Steam Locomotive and 1690 and 1691 Passenger Cars, 1934.
  • Fourteenlg
    Lionel's 50th Anniversary locomotive. Lionel Union Pacific 2023 Diesel AA Locomotive in O-27 Gauge, 1950.
  • Ninelg
    Scene from O Gauge Layout at the National Toy Train Museum
  • Onelg
    A quartet of very early locomotives. Voltamp 2100 Baltimore & Ohio Steam Locomotive, 1908-1910; Carlisle & Finch #34 Steam Locomotive, 1910-1913; Elektoy Brass Locomotive, 1910-1912; Lionel #5 Locomotive, 1906-1926.
  • Sevenlg
    O Gauge Trains on the Reproduction of 1923 Lionel Dealer Display Layout at National Toy Train Museum
  • Thirteenlg
    Lionel 226/226E scale detailed locomotive Lionel produced this 2-6-4 scaled detailed locomotive from 1938-1941. This is a 1941 model.
  • Threelg
    A boxcab electric outline loco and cars. Lionel 9E Boxcab Electric Locomotive 1934-1935; Lionel 428 Pullman and 430 Observation Cars, 1926-1930.
  • Twelvelg
    Big and little Hudsons. Lionel #685 NYC Hudson Steam Locomotive in O Gauge, 1953; Lionel #5342 NYC Hudson Steam Locomotive in OO Gauge, 1938.
  • Twolg
    A pair of Lionel's behemoths. Lionel Standard Gauge 400 E in Black 1931-1934: Lionel Standard Gauge 400E Blue Comet w/ Nickel Trim, 1935-1939.


Two Old and Rare Locomotives in our Historical Collection:

Schieble Hill Climber.
Schieble Hill Climber Friction Drive Locomotive. 1910
Stevens 1840 Locomotive.
Stevens Steam Locomotive with Alcohol Burner. 1840, our oldest!

And even more!

TrolleyCaboose.Tank cars.Caboose.

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