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Join The TCA Kids Club (Ages below 13)

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The TCA Kids Club is a great way to learn about toy trains and how the hobby works. Membership is free to all children below 13.

Yes, kids and teens can enjoy looking at toy trains, operating them, and even assembling train layouts with complicated wiring and design and computer controls.

And you'll learn that toy trains are made and enjoyed all around the world, with many collectors deeply fascinated with collecting and displaying them!

Plus, it's a great way to learn about real railroads, which are a major industry. See the Kids Club Newsletters here, with lots of helpful information.

At age 13, Kids Club members will be automatically moved to the TCA Teens Club, and can later convert their membership into a Junior TCA membership, paying only half the regular member TCA dues until age 24.  


Kids Card.

Membership registrations are available now. When you join, you will receive a membership certificate, member card, and other material.

Join now! For more information, contact your local club coordinator.


First Steps in Getting with Toy Trains
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