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The Train Collectors Association is one of the world's largest and most prestigious collecting societies.

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Join the Kids Club - Under Age 13

Welcome.You can sign up to join the Kids Club! It's free!

Membership in TCA Kids Club is free to children under age 13. At age 13, you will automatically become a member of the TCA Teens Club. At age 18, you may become a Junior member, paying only half the regular member TCA dues until age 24.

Please consult with your parent or guardian before submitting any information. We will not share your personal information with outsiders, and will use it only to process your request. Parent/Guardian approval to join is required. To encourage others to join, your photo may be used by TCA when taken at a TCA associated event.

Need help? Want to talk about what's involved in joining? Contact the Kids Club Coordinator in your area. They'll be happy to talk with you.

Your records will be handled in a secure manner.

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