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Kids Book in National Toy Train Library


Great Reading for Kids

Reading is fun.There are lots of great books about trains! You can get them in your local library. You can also ask your parent to buy them at a bookstore or online. We even sell some here at the museum, and there are some you can read for free in our library when you visit.


For Ages 2 - 5
Things That Go    By Tadasu Izawa

For Ages 5 - 10
Model Trains   By Ed and David Radlauer

For Ages Over 10
Railroadin' Songs, Jokes & Stories  By Wayne Erbsen
Trains   BY Stephanie Turnbull  (10-12)
Classic Lionel Trains  By Janet & Gerry Souter (12 & Up)
The Story of Joshua Lionel Cowen & His Lionel Train Comany  By Ron Hollander (12 & Up)


For Ages 2 - 5
By Philip Booth
Runaway Train Illustrated By Jess Stockham
Terrific Trains  By Tony Milton & Ant Parker
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends  By Rev. W. Awdry

For Ages 5 - 10
The Polar Express   By Chris Van Allsburg

For Ages 6 - 10
Prairie Train  By Antoine O. Flatharta 
Curious George Takes a Train By  Margaret & H. A. Rey
My Grandpa Plays with Trains       By Myrna Levy
Busy Trains    By Peter Lippman


Do a Google search on kids toy train books. You'll be surprised how many there are!

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