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Toy Trains at the Museum are both a hobby and a heritage.

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The Museum and its Reference Library are operated by the Train Collectors Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with support from its members and friends.

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Help us Preserve the Heritage of Toy Trains

There are two aspects of the National Toy Train Museum that could use your help with a donation. You may select which:

The Museum Itself

Museum.The thousands of toy train cars, the hundreds of feet of track, the exhibits that show the many aspects of toy train history and operation, they all cost money to acquire and maintain.

Your donation will supplement the ongoing work and help us make your next visit even more informative and enjoyable:

The Museum's National Toy Train Library

Library.The professionally administered Library preserves not only thousands of books, photos and other materials not only about toy trains, but about the industry that developed to build and market them. The library is open to the public. Its holdings are being cataloged and thousands of them are now listed in an online database.

Your donation will allow the library to continue its work of maintaining these materials and making them available for reference:

Thank you for your consideration!

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