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Frequently Asked Questions


We answer lots of technical questions here in the National Toy Train Library, but here are some that general visitors often ask about the museum:

What are your hours?
Our full schedule of openings varies seasonally, and is available for you here.
Travel directions and maps please?
Right here!
What's so special about the Museum?
It has one of the largest collections of toy trains in the world, professionally organized and interpreted. You can start some of the trains yourself. The building itself resembles a Victorian-era train station in California. And it's also the headquarters of the Train Collectors Association, with its tens of thousands of members. It is specially decorated around the Holidays, too.
What’s your oldest train?
Stevens.The Stevens Alcohol Burning Locomotive, dates back to around 1840. That's it at the right. We exhibit many vintage, valuable trains, and take great care of them.
Do they run?
We run a number of them. Many are quite old or rare, and don't run. Virtually any one could be repaired to run, but in some cases that would impair their historical integrity.  And with so many of them, who could keep up with them all?
How long does it take to go through the museum?
Box car.You can walk through the exhibits in about an hour, but if you want to run the trains, watch the video, and ask questions, you could spend much longer. We encourage you to absorb as much as you want!
How do I run the trains? 
A number of our trainsets are arranged so all you have to do is push a button, and they run a predetermined circuit. No special skills to acquire!
Can I take photographs? 
Sure thing! Many of our trains are behind glass, so plan to deal with glare when composing your shots.
Do you have food available? 
No, we do not, and visitors are requested not to eat or drink inside the Museum. However, restaurants are available in the Strasburg area.
Is your Library open to all visitors? 
Tank cars.Visitors are welcome to stop in. We have a professional librarian, who works with dedicated volunteers in maintaining this most unusual collection. Remember that the library does not lend books. Since its hours do vary, if you plan on serious research, please call ahead.
Things to buy? 
Yes, you can buy various games, books, gifts, and toy train items. Some of our items are available through online sales also.
What else is there to do nearby? 
See our list of the many activities. Great train attractions include the Strasburg Railroad and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Other museums, quaint downtown Strasburg, historic Lancaster City, Lancaster County Pennsylvania Dutch attractions and beautiful countryside. Aside from these, there are extensive shopping outlets within driving distance.
Where can I find out more about collecting Toy Trains? 
Take a look at some of the resources we have listed on our Getting Started page.
Are you Handicapped Accessible? 
Yes, the entire facility is. Feel free to call ahead if you have any questions about this. We want everygody's visit to be a great experience!
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